Devon Animals through the Seasons

These poems were written, read and recorded by pupils from Hatherleigh, Northlew, Lewtrenchard and Winkleigh Schools, developed in workshops with MED Theatre during February and March 2018


Barn Owl by Lily and Orlagh

Otter by Casper

Red Deer by Alice

Pheasant by Bethany

Hawk by Ellana and Oscar

Hedgehog by Hugo and Stan

Robin by Rosie and Daisy

Red Deer by Heidi

Otter by Mazie

Red Deer by Kai

The Coast

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Seal Song

The Coast – A Play about our Relationship with the Sea

‘Atlantis’ is a South West coastal village; a holiday destination with beaches covered in litter, cliff edges tall enough to hide many a secret, and locals affected by the low-wage economy of the holiday trade. When Dartmoor sisters Romney and Petra go on holiday to Atlantis, they are led into a world where nothing is quite as it seems, and end up staring at disaster from the edge of the cliffs. Can they and others, overcome the feud that is undermining village life?

MED Theatre’s new community play The Coast looks at the relationship of Dartmoor to the coast of the South West, and dives into the issue of plastic pollution of the oceans. Set in the fictional coastal village of Atlantis, the play makes use of historical accounts of wreckers, as well as the folklore of Jack o’ Lantern and selchies, to explore modern conundrums in landscape conservation, development and planning.

The Coast tours villages on Dartmoor in March 2018:

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th Manaton Parish Hall
Tuesday 13th Belstone Village Hall
Thursday 15th Mary Tavy Coronation Hall
Friday 16th and Saturday 17th Moretonhampstead Parish Hall

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MED Theatre: , 01647 441356, or visit

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Elfrida – Bright Nights Audio Play

This audio play was written, performed, recorded and edited by MED Theatre’s Bright Nights Drama Group (10-12 years) between September 2017 and January 2018, with music composed and played by members of the cast. The play is based on the story of Elfrida, a Dartmoor girl from the Anglo-Saxon era, who became Queen of England in the middle of the 10th century.

Elfrida – audio file

Wolf’s End – play by MED Young Company about the Improvers on Dartmoor

In the 1780s, at a time of great change on Dartmoor, roads and houses are built, moorland is enclosed and conifer forests replace the native scrub.  But how did the improvers’ dreams of turning the Moor into an agricultural prairie impact its wild inhabitants? And would the new roads really prepare the way for prosperity on Dartmoor?

Wolf’s End, a new drama by MED Theatre’s Wild Nights Young Company, explores this period of development and integrates the legend of Kitty Jay with a legend about the last wolves to be killed in Britain, rumoured to have been shot on Dartmoor at this time.

The performance included a showing of the young company’s short film The Last Wolf. The evening s a celebration of young local talent; the 13-19 year old participants of MED Theatre’s young company researched and scripted both the film and play, and composed their own music.

Both of these creative outputs are part of The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor project which has been running since spring 2016, supported by a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund. During this 18-month project MED Theatre’s young company has also produced a radio play Wolf Whispers, written for and acted in a multi-generational community play The Howling , and made the film The Last Wolf.