Whitehorse Hill 2019 recruitment and information evening

Whitehorse Hill, an acclaimed outdoor promenade play, is returning to Bellever forest in September 2019.

We are hosting a recruitment and information evening at Postbridge Village Hall on Thursday 28th March 2019. Come along to hear about the opportunities available! We are looking for actors and those interested in theatre tech, design, costumes, props, stewards, stage managers…and anything else!

First reading of MED Theatre’s 2019 community play

We are hosting the first reading of our new community play (working title ‘Rocks’) on Sunday December 16th, 6.00-8.00pm, in the MED Theatre Studio.

If you are interested in being in this community play, which is rehearsed between January and March and tours Dartmoor village halls in the second and third weeks of March, please come to this reading!
If you are unable to attend, let us know that you are interested to be part of this project by this date.

Watercolour painting of MED Theatre ‘Playreading’ by Olivia Young, 1998

The Last Wolf Song

Recording The Last Wolf song

Composed by Jonny Hibbs and Hope Deam
Performed by Jonny Hibbs (keyboard), Hope Deam (vocals), Safi Joscelyne (vocals)

MED Theatre’s young musicians

Dartmoor Rivers

Music from MED Theatre’s play No Access

I once held her

Simply Cassie

The Coast 2018

Seal Song

Video clip – Rusalka and the seal

The Coast – A Play about our Relationship with the Sea

‘Atlantis’ is a South West coastal village; a holiday destination with beaches covered in litter, cliff edges tall enough to hide many a secret, and locals affected by the low-wage economy of the holiday trade. When Dartmoor sisters Romney and Petra go on holiday to Atlantis, they are led into a world where nothing is quite as it seems, and end up staring at disaster from the edge of the cliffs. Can they and others, overcome the feud that is undermining village life?

MED Theatre’s latest community play The Coast explored the relationship of Dartmoor to the coast of the South West, and delved into the issue of plastic pollution of the oceans. Set in the fictional coastal village of Atlantis, the play made use of historicalaccounts of wreckers, as well as the folklore of Jack o’ Lantern and selchies, to explore modern conundrums in landscape conservation, development and planning.

To read the original script by Mark Beeson, follow this link: the Coast script

Thank you to all of our audiences, volunteer helpers and cast members for The Coast

Audience Feedback: 

‘A very absorbing story with multiple themes all revelant to local and current affairs as well as links to local legend & history. Fantastic showcase of young talent in drama and music. Great to see all age groups in the cast.’
‘Very topical and relevant at this time. Great integration of ages participating and local history and present day concerns.’
‘Brilliant seal & chuff puppets. Was of local interest using local people. Good mix of ages.’
‘Really lovely puppets! The music composition was an interesting new change – very beautiful singing and good ambient sounds. It was brilliant, thanks!’
‘I think all aspects were well thought through, especially the music. The puppets were beautiful and mesmerising!’
“It was good to see the age range and that it was tackling a subject (plastic pollution) so much in the limelight and so important. Lovely performance.’
‘MED Theatre effortlessly tells a thoughtprovoking story, with such simple means. Talented acting and a great way of getting the community together.’

Production gallery: 


For more information or to request a DVD of the play, please contact us via one of the below options.
MED Theatre: info@medtheatre.co.uk , Tel: 01647 441356

Exetreme Imagination – Haiku Hub

During the October half term, as part of the Exetreme Imagination Festival, MED Theatre ran a ‘haiku hub’ in Exeter Library, helping young people to write haikus inspired by objects they found in the park outside. Below are the results:

Abby’s Haiku

Adam’s Haiku

Caitlin’s Haiku

Charlotte’s Haiku

Claire’s Haiku

Danny’s Haiku

Emily’s Fairy Haiku

Emily’s Lunch Haiku

Eva’s Haiku

Harrison’s Haiku

Jade’s Haiku

Lucy’s Haiku

Noah’s Haiku

Rachel’s Urban Haiku

Sally’s Haiku

Samuel’s Haiku

Stanley’s Haiku

The Jenkins’ Haiku

Toby’s Haiku

Tristan’s Haiku

Ursula’s Haiku



River of Life Lantern Walk Performance

MED Theatre’s Young Company performs ‘The Last Wolf on Dartmoor’ at the River of Life Lantern Walk at Parke, Bovey Tracey


Saturday 15th October

MED Theatre’s Young Company members who are part of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Last Wolf on Dartmoor’ project presented an interpretation of their research on wolves on Dartmoor, last sighted here in 1780. Inspired by the recent Complicite workshop, members of the Young Company devised a short physical theatre performance that told the story of the death of the last wolf on Dartmoor.  This was presented as part of ‘The River of Life Lantern Walk’, organised by Moor than Meets the Eye.



Complicite poster2

Complicite Physical Theatre Workshop comes to Dartmoor

Saturday 8th October, full day, for 12-20 year olds
Sunday 9th October, full day, for all ages over 7

Renowned international theatre company Complicite will run two physical theatre workshops for MED Theatre.

Clive Mendus of Complicite will be giving two all-day workshops on Saturday October 8th for young people aged 12-20, and on Sunday October 9th for all ages of the community over 7, in Moretonhampstead Parish Hall, 10.00am-4.30pm. The workshops are part of MED Theatre’s exciting two-year project ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor’ supported by a grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund. Adults will be charged £15 for this workshop, but young people and children can take part free of charge. Places are limited, so book now at info@medtheatre.co.uk or call 01647 441356.


Princetown Film Club is recruiting for a new season

IMG_0797MED has been running a fortnightly film club at Princetown Primary School during school year 2015-2016 working with children from the Forest of Dartmoor / Central Dartmoor area. Moor Film Club hosted the launch of their short film in July 2016!

The project will be running for two years, supported by a Grant from the People’s Health Trust, and Moor Film Club will be starting again in September 2016. Newcomers are always welcome!  Participants aged 7-13 years will have the opportunity to script, film and edit a film from their own ideas. Please contact education@medtheatre.co.uk for more details.


MED Theatre’s ‘Last Wolf’ project wins Heritage Lottery support

MED Theatre (Moretonhampstead) has received a new grant from Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots programme for an exciting 18 month project, ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor’. Facilitated by MED Theatre’s creative practitioners, the project will enable young people to learn more about Dartmoor’s local history and ecology through the eyes of a long lost animal, the wolf, last sighted on Dartmoor in 1780, and the legends it inspired.

Young people from across Dartmoor and the surrounding area will have the opportunity to take part in a series of creative projects, including the creation of a radio play, a stage play, part of a community play and a short film, all inspired by wolves, their role in Dartmoor’s past and the myths behind the Victorian detective story The Hound of the Baskervilles. Research will begin this summer with field trips to Dartmeet and Castle Drogo, the locations of the last two wolf sightings, plus a visit further afield to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire. Trips to Buckfastleigh and Hound Tor will give the participants the chance to experience locations important for the creation of The Hound of the Baskervilles. A variety of arts workshops will also accompany the project, with opportunities for young people to learn new skills in physical theatre, radio, film, music, dance, sculpture and puppetry.
Though they are now extinct, wolves and wild dogs still live on in Dartmoor’s mythology, forming the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’. Working alongside heritage professionals (including cultural environmentalist and historian Dr Tom Greeves), participants of ‘The Last Wolf’ project will gain a deeper insight into Dartmoor’s forgotten wildlife and its impact on our wider cultural heritage.

Commenting on the award, MED Theatre’s artistic director Mark Beeson said: ‘We are delighted to have received funding to enable us to carry out an ambitious project that integrates historical and ecological heritage.’

MED Theatre will be running a free taster workshop at Castle Drogo on 31st May. Please contact MED Theatre for more information on 01647 441356 or info@medtheatre.co.uk


Current Projects


The Living Rock short performance at EDGE Sculpture Trail




MED Theatre’s youngest drama club, Rising Lights for 5-7 year olds, have been working hard to produce a radio play recording of a Dartmoor story The Hunted Hare.

You can listen to it here:

The Hunted Hare audio file


Whitehorse Hill recruitment and information evening

Whitehorse Hill, an acclaimed outdoor promenade play, is returning to Bellever forest in September 2019.

We are hosting a recruitment and information evening at Postbridge Village Hall on Thursday 28th March 2019. Come along to hear about the opportunities available! We are looking for actors and those interested in theatre tech, design, costumes, props, stewards, stage managers…and anything else!



A futuristic comedy set among Dartmoor’s tors

Purchase tickets here

MED Theatre’s new community play ‘Rocks’ puts Dartmoor’s unique tors centre stage. MED Theatre is touring ‘Rocks’ in March 2019, taking in Manaton, Cornwood, Meldon and Moretonhampstead village halls. ‘Rocks’ is a futuristic comedy written by playwright and MED Theatre’s Artistic Director Mark Beeson specifically for the local  community cast and explores current issues such as artificial intelligence, surveillance and nuclear waste. As well as taking in crystal healing and current theories from the philosophy of consciousness, the play also looks backward in charting Dartmoor’s geological history down the ages. Rocks is part of MED Theatre’s three year programme of work with rural communities called ‘Moor Connections’, funded by National Lottery from the Big Lottery Fund.

The year is 2050, and the Mayor of Dartmoor, now ostensibly an independent state but controlled by The Authorities, attempts to lead his citizens despite the presence of an ever-watchful surveillance system. Ian, the CEO of National Energy, has found himself having to embrace the idea of nuclear waste storage in Dartmoor’s granite, after the wind turbines he had espoused were objected to – specifically by his wife who has grown to love the clear skylines of her holiday home. But suppose Dartmoor’s granite has rights, and does not like the thought of having highly radioactive nuclear waste thrust into it? This at least is what young Dartmoor resident Calliope believes as she watches the sunset from a tor, supported for different reasons by geology graduate Astel and his young protégé Jason, crystal therapist Mandarn, and Lana a girl who claims to be from another planet…

The dates of the performances are:

March 8th and 9th in Manaton Parish Hall,
March 12th in Cornwood Village Hall,
March 14th in Meldon Village Hall and
March 15th and 16th in Moretonhampstead Parish Hall.

All performances start at 7.30pm. Tickets are £8 / £5 children under 16.

For bookings and more information please contact MED Theatre: info@medtheatre.co.uk, 01647 441356, or visit our ticket page.

Dartfest 2018 celebration of youth talent: Dartmoor Rivers

Dartmoor Rivers 
Performances of young people’s plays and music 

December 8th 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Moretonhampstead Village Hall
Ticket £7 / £5 

Dartfest 2018 is MED Theatre’s celebration of new writing and composition by young people, inspired by the rivers of Dartmoor. The production consists of a series of plays and music pieces all written and performed by members of our young company, Wild Nights. They have undergone a process of idea generating, draft writing and script editing under the supervision of our expert playwright Mark Beeson before moving on to a developmental rehearsal process undertaking roles such as directing and stage design in addition to performing. The performances explore life on Dartmoor combining the imaginary with themes of loneliness, friendship, betrayal and suspicion.

The music part of this project has taken inspiration from Dartmoor Rivers and has included a session recording underwater sounds of streams and waterfalls, alongside a number of workshops when the young people learned about various composing techniques, notably one from Gerard McBurney (former Artistic Programming Advisor for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Trefor Farrow, conductor of the Collati Singers and the Damerel Belles, and Gillian Webster, MED Theatre’s music mentor. The music strand is supported by a grant from the Michael Tippett Foundation.

Still images from our Saturday 8th December performance:



Photo by Jenny Steer

Stapledon – A community play for Ashburton, based on the life of Walter Stapledon, Bishop of Exeter and High Treasurer of England under Edward II.

The play charts Stapledon’s life – from his humble origins coming from a farming family in North Devon, through his meteoric rise in the church and politics to become King Edward the Second’s most trusted diplomat and also his treasurer, to his murder by a London mob in 1326.

Performances take place in the grand St Lawrence Chapel in Ashburton in September 2018.

Stapledon web page

Tickets available online here

Dartmoor Rivers – New Music Composition Project for Young People

Geard's music workshop 20Dartmoor Rivers is MED Theatre’s new year-long music project, supported by a grant from The Michael Tippet Musical Foundation. Kicked off in October 2017 with a workshop by composer and writer Gerard McBurney, this project will enable its young participants to receive training in music composition, and guidance in finding inspiration for their pieces in the subject of Dartmoor rivers. Whilst supporting MED Theatre’s drama projects along the year, Dartmoor Rivers project will culminate in a concert of the young people’s compositions in Autumn 2018.

Dartmoor Rivers Music Composition Project

Workshop with Trefor Farrow