MED Theatre’s education programme prides itself on taking inspiration for creative work from our local surroundings, the Dartmoor National Park, which we believe has a rich palette for young people to learn from. One young person commented “I love MED… it’s a lifechanger.”

For information on schools visits, workshops and other opportunities, take a look at the Education Programme Menu, or browse through our Current and Past Education Projects. Our Education Manager Abby Stobart can be contacted at education@medtheatre.co.uk or on 01647 441356.

A Brief History of Education at MED Theatre

TheSnowPeopleandNorthWindsmallFrom the 1990s MED started to work in school settings, taking Artistic Director Mark Beeson’s passion for playwriting into Moretonhampstead Primary School and encouraging pupils to write their own plays. In 1993 an Arts Council grant was secured to assist young people in playwriting and in 1994 a group of young members wrote part of the community production ‘The Dragon and the Mermaid’ for MED Theatre. Other key young people’s productions included ‘The Audience’ in 1999 and The 82 in 2000.

IMG_5292_2The new millennium sealed the place of young people’s projects at MED and a steady stream of innovative stage, radio and film productions followed, integrating drama, visual art, dance and music. Key projects during this period included ‘Dartmoor Rising’ and ‘Grave Intimations’. In 2004 MED Theatre’s young company ‘Wild Nights’ was established. The young company prides itself on creating innovative, locally relevant projects, such as  ‘The Children’s Castle’, ‘The War Prison at Princetown’, ‘Dartmoor in World War I’ and ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor’. (For information on our young company and other drama clubs, please visit our Drama Clubs page).

Since 2006, the introduction of the role of Education Officer has continued the expansion of both the in-school and out-of-school education programme. Our current Education Officer is Helen Gilbert.