Exetreme Imagination – Haiku Hub

During the October half term, as part of the Exetreme Imagination Festival, MED Theatre ran a ‘haiku hub’ in Exeter Library, helping young people to write haikus inspired by objects they found in the park outside. Below are the results:

Abby’s Haiku

Adam’s Haiku

Caitlin’s Haiku

Charlotte’s Haiku

Claire’s Haiku

Danny’s Haiku

Emily’s Fairy Haiku

Emily’s Lunch Haiku

Eva’s Haiku

Harrison’s Haiku

Jade’s Haiku

Lucy’s Haiku

Noah’s Haiku

Rachel’s Urban Haiku

Sally’s Haiku

Samuel’s Haiku

Stanley’s Haiku

The Jenkins’ Haiku

Toby’s Haiku

Tristan’s Haiku

Ursula’s Haiku