Community play reading: Sunday 13th December, 6-8pm

Elford image

The first play reading for ‘Refuge’, MED Theatre’s 2016 community play, will take place on Sunday 13th December from 6-8pm. Do get in contact for more information: 01647 441356 or

‘Refuge: The English Civil War on Dartmoor’ will tell the story of John Elford, a renegade parliamentarian who spoke out against Cromwell’s dictatorship during the English Civil War. Forced into hiding, he is believed to have concealed himself in a cave on Sheepstor, now better known as the ‘Piskie’s Cave’. Faced with hours of solitude, Elford took to painting on the walls of his hideout to pass the time. He has since been recorded in history as Dartmoor’s first visual artist…