Limen (2003)

A concert of original music pieces was performed at three Dartmoor venues in early December 2003, as part of MED Theatre’s ‘Myth’ project. The pieces, all Dartmoor inspired, were written and performed by three young musicians, Clare Lash-Williams (voice), Tessa Peach (voice and oboe) and Lucy Railton (cello). The project was led by Dartmoor composer Gillian Webster, who also contributed her piece ‘Limen’ to the concert.

‘Limen’ is a latin word meaning threshold. The psychological purpose of myth could be seen as an attempt to understand the sometimes nonsensical experience of life; to reach resolution from confusion and calm the restless flicker of paradox through the use of stable and comprehensible symbols. The word ‘liminal’ relates to the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious, such as the word ‘subliminal’ which describes a brain reaction too faint to be consciously experienced. Since the brain is working on an unconscious level a lot of the time, this activity determines our conscious thoughts, actions and experiences. The degree to which this input crosses the threshold and becomes conscious varies all the time and is unique to each individual.

LIMEN composed by Gillian Webster
FORM by Clare Lash-Williams
ESSENCE by Tessa Peach
REFLECTION by Lucy Railton

The Myth project was funded by Arts Council England through the Regional Arts Lottery Programme.
A CD recording of the pieces is available to order, price £8.50 inc p+p. Contact us for more information.

Downloads and Links

Listen to the music at our Dartmoor Resource site
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