MED Theatre’s young musicians


The Last Wolf Song (Jonny Hibbs, Hope Deam, Safi Joscelyne)

Dartmoor Rivers

The Jolly Wolf from The Last Wolf  (Jonny Hibbs, Ben Caverhill, Safi Joscelyne, Hope Deam, Marlin Hendry, Gwen Hendry)

The End from The Last Wolf  (Jonny Hibbs)

Seal Song from The Coast (Safi Joscelyne, Jonny Hibbs, Mark Beeson)

Sea Interlude from The Coast (Jonny Hibbs and Safi Joscelyne)

Sea Wash from The Coast (Safi Joscelyne)

Sea Menace from The Coast (Safi Joscelyne and Ben Caverhill)

Tour Guide’s Theme from Wolf Whispers (Kitty Carnell, Emerald Worsley, Asha Ellworthy-Parsons)

Wolf Whispers Theme (Jonny Hibbs, Hope Deam, Ben Caverhill, Amy Jaggs, Kitty Carnell)

Burrator’s War Theme (Ben Caverhill)

Keep the Home-Fires Burning from For Whom the Bell Tolls (Orla Harper singing an Ivor Novello song)

Funeral March from Road to Nowhere (Alex Mortimer and Ben Caverhill)

Stonemason’s Theme from Road to Nowhere (Alex Mortimer)

Sad Adder from Adder (Amy Young and Gillian Webster)

Simply Cassie from No Access  (Josh Levontine, Gillian Webster, Mark Beeson)

I Once Held Her from No Access (Josh Levontine, Gillian Webster, Mark Beeson)

Brown Hare Eastern Theme from Brown Hare (Harry Avis, Amy Young, Gillian Webster)

Cassiterides Theme (Jess Avis)

Endless Waterfall from High Plateau (Clare Lash-Williams, Gillian Webster, Mark Beeson)

Essence from Limen (Tessa Peach, Lucy Railton, Clare Lash-Williams)

Grave Intimations Theme (Abigail Kingsley-Garner)