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Dreams of an Eco-theatre 

Devon, Dartmoor, Med Theatre photographer

Photo by Jenny Steer

Audience feedback from MED Theatre’s 2016 community play
‘Refuge: The English Civil War on Dartmoor’:

‘A hugely enjoyable play – well written and acted – which captured the times about which it was written brilliantly’
‘It brought previously unknown history to life far more effectively than a book!’
‘Clever use of historical material!’
‘It is excellent to have such high quality art in remotes villages such as this…’
‘Very well researched with lots of local history that I didn’t know about. Well rehearsed and produced to a high standard’
‘Wonderful – sensitive, informative fun and thought provoking
‘Informative, fun and full of action!’

‘The direction was brilliant. It took my breath away and held me from beginning to end… the interplay between the young ones was charming and the romance was enchanting’


Feedback and Reviews from past MED Theatre productions

Writer James Crowden on ‘Badgerland: a Dartmoor Comedy’, Western Morning News – March 18th, 2015
‘Mark Beeson, the well known and respected playwright of Easden, has once more pulled off an imaginative and thought provoking triumph… what made it a particular pleasure was seeing the wide age range and the involvement of young adults and children discussing major topical issues in a way which reflects their own problems and concerns’ 

Historian Simon Dell on the Dartmoor in World War One Exhibition ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ (2014)
‘The World War One project was an 18-month labour of love for those involved, bringing together memories and historical artefacts into a wonderful and powerfully thought-provoking exhibition which was sensitive as well as being of great historical interest.’

Exeter Northcott Young Critics on ‘Chasing Kitty Jay’ (2014)
‘For me a highlight of the production was the mime of John Galsworthy’s ‘The Apple Tree’ read by Tom Greeves; a stunning sequence which presented the heritage of Dartmoor while showcasing the talented younger cast members– it really was something special. The dynamics between the younger and adult cast members were impressive and at times rather heart-warming, making for a refreshing performance with a real community feel.

Audience feedback for ‘In the Shadow of the Vikings’ (2013)
‘Excellent, hugely enjoyable! …this is the first production I have seen (how much have I been missing!) My seven year old son was captivated and was full of pillage at breakfast this morning… it was good for young and old, informing us of our connections to the past, and the palimpsest of the Dartmoor landscape.’

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MED Theatre Downloads

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Download the script for ‘In the Shadow of the Vikings’ (2013)
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