The Walk Dance Drama

I Danced Alone One Evening

The Walk Dance Drama Scenario

The Walk Dance Drama Photoshoot

Photographs by Jenny Steer

‘Delightful and ephemeral’ and ‘A wonderful melding of music, dance and words’ – some audience feedback from the first performance of The Walk Dance Drama at the Bridford Woodland Trust.

In summer 2015, five of Dartmoor’s young emerging artists (three dancers and two musicians) worked in collaboration with professional performers to create ‘The Walk Dance Drama’. Inspired by a moorland poem called ‘The Walk’, this new dance, music and drama piece described a dream journey across Dartmoor through storms, blizzards, fires and raging torrents, crossing tors, cleaves and quarry pools, orchards and ruined houses. It explored how our moorland landscape, including its changing light, weather and terrain, can affect our innermost feelings.

 The Walk Dance Drama formed part MED Theatre’s wider performance project ‘The Walk’, which has been supported by a grant from Arts Council England. Visit ‘The Walk Project’ page for more information.

Some audience feedback from other performances of The Walk Dance Drama:

‘Incredible. The way it was laid out. Music in the background complemented the production beautifully. Would love to see something like this again!’

‘Remarkable dancing, haunting music.’

‘Evocative and beautiful. I felt very dreamy and altered after the event. It felt connected to the magic of the land here.’

‘A very thought-provoking production. It explored our relationship to the landscape of Dartmoor. It particularly emphasised the fact of solitude: Those moments when we are entirely alone with ourself and the enrironment of the moor. It provokes one to dig deep and connect with our inner self. Very powerful.’

Highlights from the indoor performance of The Walk Dance Drama at Manaton, August 13th 2015 – if you would like to see subtitles, click on CC

Click here to watch video clip of recording Buttercup Dance music

The Walk Music in full (audio files)

Dance Drama poster web