Whale (Part 2: 2000)

whale-part-2Whale, written and directed by Mark Beeson, was a play in two parts: Part 1, set in 1000 BC and part 2, set 3000 years later, bringing the plot into the year 2000.

In European Bronze Age society, there is a group of powerful women, the Hesperides, who rule over all the islands of the West. Their mother is Ceto the whale-goddess. These women are famous for their golden apples, symbols of mineral riches. One day a Mediterranean, male champion steals these apples. Later another man from the Mediterranean,  named Brute, seeks asylum. How will this man be treated by the women who hold the power? The play is centred on Dartmoor, at a time when it may have been one of the dominant societies in Europe,

3000 years after the two men from the south, Heracles and Brute, came across the great Hesperides women on Dartmoor, a film crew arrive to turn the story into a film. The question is whose toes will the director be treading on? On whom has the mantle of the Hesperides fallen? The presence of History is constant.