Whitehorse Hill

WHH 2017 banner publicity pic

Walk a journey through time in the enchanting Bellever Forest and hear the story of Dartmoor…

The Whitehorse Hill community play  tells a story inspired by the archeological finds at the Whitehorse Hill cist near Postbridge. Who could the girl in the prehistoric grave have been? Why was she so important? As part of  the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme, MED Theatre is reviving a play that explores how our ideas of heritage, knowledge and female strength have been passed down and evolved through time. The performance consists of scenes from seven different periods of history, all inspired by key events in central Dartmoor’s past. Led by lantern bearers with lanterns made by Princetown Primary school, the audience is taken on a journey through history in the magical Bellever Forest. Phase 1 of the Whitehorse Hill project took place in  September 2015. Phase 2 took place in September 2017.

Publicity photographs by Jenny Steer

Highlights of the 2017 performance below:

Highlights of the 2015 performance below:

Production Photos


Audience Feedback

‘…great setting, brought the history of Dartmoor to life’
‘It was great to see so many people gathered in a beautiful forest. The story was incredibly told…’

‘Wonderful, captivating…’
‘Inspiring and magical!’
‘Great use of the environment… to be repeated I hope’
‘Loved the walk through time. Talented cast, and the Dartmoor setting was very atmospheric’