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CommentFurther Information required?
As cows are considered to be the main cause of pollution, why not use Bio Gas from dung fermentation to generate gas for generators. Combine this with smaller windmills on all the electrical pylons – no need for upsetting the habitat of ground species. 
Ultimately confused.Information on how effective compared to other sources.
Hydrogen Power. 
The subject is so very complex, I need a lot more information.Yes.
I think that wind turbines are ok, they look ok. 
Asked wrong question. Are we been brainwashed with pseudo science, is not the sun getting hotter and what about global dimming possible caused by C02 increase. In Middle Ages they grew grapes as far north as York. In Roman Times world temps were warmer than they are now. 
Not enough information on this complex issue to make a decision. 
Too many many conflicting “technical” and scientific views – difficult to make a clear decision…!Time will tell if these early schemes have a real value – in the meantime proceed with caution!
Would like to think about the issue further – are wind turbines any good? I NEARLY voted for them! Much to my surprise…Are they efficient – then we on Dartmoor can / should do our bit.