Rising lights (5-7 years)

What do we do in rising lights?

We tell stories; we play games; we draw pictures; we sing songs or create music; we act out Dartmoor folktales and dress up as our favourite characters; the opportunities and creative activities are endless!

At MED Theatre we know that from early on it is important to nurture young people’s creativity and vivid imaginations. Our Rising Lights group for 5 to 7 year olds, led by Suvi Rehell, focuses on having fun while learning stories and facts. We use local Dartmoor folklore and legends to inspire new stories, games, plays, music and much more…

To find out how you can join in with all the fun, please email Suvi at suvirehell@medtheatre.co.uk

Jan Coo – by Rising Lights

Check out our retelling of the story Jan Coo below, including pictures drawn by the group!

Listen to our lockdown audio project, 'Knowles the Weaver' here: