Thoughts and Reflections – Wild Nights Residential 2004

‘The subtle chill of autumn sunlight dominated much of this walk as we left the comfort of the hostel in late afternoon for a brisk walk along the riverbank. After a short time we came to Dartmeet and crossed the bridge, stepping down onto the footpath which would take us along the water’s edge. Small patches of dappled light escaped the confines of the clouds and touched us all, putting everyone in a good mood as we kept a good pace along the path. We stopped a while to look at a bird resident to the fast-moving, clear river Dart – the Dipper. Our leader, Tom, told us some background information about these small, plump birds, some of which I can recall here….’

Journal entry by Jaye Noble, 4th December 2004 (click to read in full)


As I stand upon this rock I
Feel as if I am a spot
Within Nature’s beauty and love.
Many people’s past dreams float above…

…by Samantha Truckle (click to read in full)


Dartmoor, gentle, simple place?
No it is wild;
Screaming, fierce-eyed sky guardians
Wheel and circle over their kingdom;
Rushing, whipped wild waters
Make stone watchers slowly tumble…

…by Heather Holcroft-Pinn (click to read in full)

‘Wolf of Dartmoor’ by Nicola Oakey


Dark veil drawn across evening sky,
Behind granite stone lurks majestic wolf,
Shrouded in shadow,
But still eyes shine like glass,
He waits, patient but hungry,
Until the trees are merely silhouettes,
Then he leaves his den…

…by Nicola Oakey (click to read in full)