Wild Nights Young Company in MED Theatre's 30th Anniversary Year

As MED Theatre turns 30 in 2019, we would like to reflect on how far our Wild Nights Young Company has come. Over the years the young people have come and gone, entering the young company at age 13 and leaving aged 21. Many projects have been completed, including research and performances covering the topics of World War One, The Hound of The Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor, Dartmoor Rivers, John Ford and in-depth explorations into the story of Kitty Jay’s Grave.


For many years now the young company have been nominating Youth Reps to represent the voices of our young people in MED Theatre’s board meetings and at conferences and various other events. The Youth Reps are responsible for communicating any concerns of Wild Nights Young Company to the MED Theatre staff and also ensuring all members of the group are made to feel welcome and included. Youth Reps also feedback the updates on Wild Nights Young Company’s projects to our board of trustees and help with funding applications that help to enable the continuation of all of our regular groups for young people.