September 2013

World War 1 Theatre and film workshops with the centenary of the First world war just around the corner MED Theatre’s education programme is offering and exciting array of new schools workshops

‘Play in a Day’ at Princetown Primary

MED Theatre delivered a ‘Play in a Day’ workshop to years 4, 5 and 6 pupils at Princetown Primary School. Using an old school log book (dated 1935) as inspiration, the children devised a play about the history of the school, interweaving both time travel and the ghostly Dartmoor myth of ‘Jan Coo’. The children devised their play in less than a day, just in time to perform to the rest of the school before the end of the day!

July 2013

‘Traitor in the Shadows’ – Film making at Teign Academy

As part of Teign Academy’s enrichment week MED Theatre were invited to carry out a 4 day film-making course where students from years 7, 8 and 9 worked together to make their own film. The students were responsible for the creation of the film from start to finish – day one was a creative brainstorming day where they pooled ideas for the plot line of the film, then days two to four were intensive film shoot days where they not only acted and directed, composed and recorded music, and became makeup artists, but they were the technical film crew too.

After being polished up at the MED Theatre editing suite the final product is an action packed, tongue-in-cheek film with a story that explores themes of bullying and drugs… with a few outtakes for good measure too! Watch this space for a link to view the finished product!

‘The Old Railway’ – Film making with Bovey Primary

In June the MED Theatre film team worked with 20 Bovey Tracey Primary School year 5 and 6 students over two intensive afternoons to create their own 5 minute film. They learnt how to use the MED Theatre industry-standard film equipment as well as exercising their acting and directing skills. The children took inspiration from their locality by basing the film on the old railway track behind their school field, that is being turned into a cycle track.
In a preparatory session with MED Theatre the group came up with the topical plot idea of children from Bovey Tracey and from Lustleigh arguing the pros and cons of the cycle path when on a camping trip. After telling a ghost story about the WW2 bombing at Newton Abbot railway station, the children get haunted by WW2 children who died in the blast… Will their heritage be trampled by the changing new path, or remembered because of it? The film was supported by the Helen Foundation.

‘Lydford’s Living Legends!’ – Playwriting at Lydford Primary

MED Theatre worked with the whole of Lydford Primary School over an intensive play creation week at the start of June 2013. The children interviewed older residents of the local community to discover any stories or happenings that have taken place in and around Lydford in the past. They were also introduced to a number of historical myths all based on Lydford. As a result the children were inspired to create a plot line, write a script and rehearse and direct a play, as well as create all of the set and props. The last day of the week culminated in a jam-packed outdoor performance of their play ‘Lydford’s Living Legends’ for an invited audience from the local community. Some might say it was a lucky performance because with the last words of the play a single rain drop fell, signalling a deluge once everyone was safe and dry inside!

JUNE 2013

‘The Village’ – Playwriting at Moreton Primary

MED Theatre worked with year sixes at Moretonhampstead Primary, delivering our long-standing course ‘Playwriting and Performance’. Throughout the course a professional playwright and actor mentored the pupils to come up with a plotline for a play, write it in teams, and then direct each other and act the play. ‘The Village’ was a creepy story about how a village turns against a girl who is believed to be a witch because of her strange background and connections to the mist…