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I’m all for harnessing wind/water power. 
Struck by that possibility of change and potential nimbyism at time of imperative – certainly stimulates to research more as when it comes to turbines on the moor I voted yes but I don’t really want them. 
Wind power appears to be clean and environmentally friendly. 
I feel that each area must make its contribution to solving the problem. There is no place for NIMBY-ism. I think that there is beauty in windfarms, just as there used to be beauty in windmills. 
Because we MUST seek alternative sources of energy. 
Vital to act now. Too much debate and it will be too late. 
I like windfarms and think they are quite beautiful. 
I think wind farms are a good idea. They have to be built somewhere a lot of people like the idea of them in their back yard. I would much prefer to live under wind turbines than next to a nuclear power station. 
Well, we really don’t care because it isn’t going to affect us, but it probably will affect our grand kids. 
Anything that helps to end the march towards disaster! Wind turbines are quite graceful. But I still need to be better informed really. 
Because a solution is so critical we will all have to compromise our personal preferences. 
Because wind farms are good ideas!No – it was very informative! Well done!
Because all methods of power will be needed. 
As things stand now, with our present knowledge it is worthwhile to be advanced. 
I don’t mind the look of a wind turbine; they wouldn’t be all over Dartmoor and it is a good place (high up and lots of wind) to put them.Can’t abstain at this stage in the game. We need to take a stance and ACT NOW.
Because this is the way forward. 
We have no choice. Alternative energy (as well as energy conservation) is vital. 
I voted yes because renewable energy is the only way to go forward. 
Because it is essential to start creating alternative energies NOW – Dartmoor is big enough to incorporate a wind farm. Also – they are not ugly – just a little noisy! 
Because we have to invest in alternatives for future generations and all landscapes are continually changing. 
Alternative renewable sources have to be developed to deal with C02. Dartmoor has always been a changing landscape. I personally don’t find the turbines offensive. 
Because we have a need for the energy – it is a good solution. 
As we need a solution – wind turbines = energy. 
There seemed to be a move toward community power generation which I think is a good idea. 
Must move with the future. 
Not persuaded by arguments of environmental damage; the wind farm makes a contribution towards the need for renewable energy. 
Because the debate seems mostly about how we can find new ways to feed our need for energy rather than reducing our impact on the environment. Our need to survive means we will continue to make a negative impact. At least renewables will reduce the loss of biodiversity that climate change will lead to! 
Well looking to the future energy is everything. As a forward thinking notion we need to invest in new energy solutions. The oil will run out! 
Local power. Graceful turbines. Windmills of the future. 
Wind farms are great. 
We have to pull all possible levers and be prepared to make trade-offs to secure a future for our descendants. 
People are more important than butterflies (although I do love butterflies and all other flora and fauna) 
We have nuclear power plant being built at Plymton. 
The problem is so great, we must all make sacrifices. 
Because I don’t want global warming to get worse. 
Locally produced energy – doesn’t have to be on massive scale. 
Butterflies and views while lovely, are not big enough arguments to stop us doing our bit to protect the lives of the poorest of the world’s people. Saying that wind turbines are only a drop in the ocean, doesn’t diminish the effect that ” drop” can have. Great change can be brought about by small sacrifices. 
Because the NIMBYs will destroy the world if we let them. I think they are rather beautiful. 
Better wind station than a nuclear or power station. 
No problem with what they look like – better than a fossil fuelled station. 
If we don’t act now there will be no landscape left in the end. It’s a sacrifice worth making. Big changes need to be made now and we need to be adaptive and take the long view. 
Because putting turbines anywhere will bring the NIMBY response. I do not find them universally offensive and measures can be taken to protect wildlife etc. 
I like a bit of wind. Especially between meals (!) 
Because wind turbines are beautiful, and cheap to make. Wik! 
Cos it’s lush. Good for the environment. They’re pretty – who cares about one view – there are loads! 
You know it makes sense 
Not that ugly, look nice in Cornwall really! And obviously a renewable source – got to be good. 
Have to do anything we can. 
Stick a yellow spot in the middle and they look like a flower (pretty). 
Because although they have their downsides wind turbines are needed if we are going to save the planet. 
Because I feel that we should act now before it’s too late. However, we should combine renewable energy sources with lessening our current uses to help deal with global warming. 
Because I agree that it’s better to act than not. I believe we should be using renewable sources to generate all we can and REDUCE.I’d love to know what it costs in energy to build and maintain a wind turbine, and a solar panel for that matter.
Better to do something than nothing even if it only serves as a reminder of the state we’re in and does nothing to change the mind set of ongoing energy use and overpopulation and a society used to getting what it wants regardless of real cost.