Courses and Opportunities

MED Theatre’s rich programme of workshops are popular in schools all across the Dartmoor area. We also provide teacher training opportunities in drama. For more information see below.

Schools Workshops

MED Theatre specialises in creating bespoke workshops and courses for schools. A school can choose a topic or theme linked to their curriculum requirements and MED Theatre designs a course specifically to complement their request. Examples of possible workshops MED can offer are listed below:

Primary Education:
  • Castle lantern close upPlaywriting and Performance: As a team or individually, students write  and then direct and perform their own plays using local subject matter.
  • Myth-Making: Students learn about myths from different cultures (including Dartmoor myths) and then have the opportunity to produce their own.
  • National Trust Workshops: Students visit and learn about a National Trust location through creative writing and drama techniques.
  • Creative Writing: A chance to stimulate imaginations and stretch literacy skills, combining creative writing with drama.
  • The Magic of the Hare: A storytelling-movement workshop which explores the mythology and ecology of the brown hare.
Secondary Education:
  • IMG_6413Film Making: Students create their own film inspired by their local community and surroundings
  • Play Writing: Students create the plot, write the script and perform their own plays
  • Radio Playwriting: As a team or individually, students write, produce and record their own radio plays using local subject matter.
  • Why Community Theatre?: Students find out how community theatre is used through the eyes of a Dartmoor practitioner
  • The Magic of the Hare: A drama/movement workshop which explores the mythology and ecology of the brown hare.
Tertiary/Sixth Form Education:
  • Ecology and Community Theatre: Students explore and debate links between communities and their locations, and theatre’s role in this partnership

Teacher Training Opportunities

IMG_6691MED Theatre currently runs a workshop in teacher training for primary school teachers. This can either be brought to your school, or, if we add you to our mailing list, we can notify you when a session is next in your area.

How to use drama in the classroom: Teachers are led through a wide variety of drama exercises and techniques that can be used directly in the classroom. Teachers not only have the chance to be a ‘student’ for the sessions but are also invited to share their own ideas for variations on these techniques. This enriches the process by providing an open forum and techniques become versatile to a variety of subjects.  Handouts are provided to support the session. One teacher commented “It is so refreshing to do something creative and be active.”

If you are interested in any of the workshops in MED’s Education Programme please contact our education officer, Abby Stobart on or 01647 441356.