The Howling (2017)

Jonny Hibbs as Jonah Thomas in 'The Howling', MED Theatre © Chris Chapman 2017

Jonny Hibbs as Jonah Thomas in ‘The Howling’, MED Theatre © Chris Chapman 2017

The Howling is a contemporary take on ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’. The play explores issues around re-wilding, and the Dartmoor myths and history that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle and his co-creator Bertram Fletcher Robinson. At its root lies the enigmatic figure of Richard Cabell, who was Lord of Brook Manor near Buckfastleigh in the aftermath of the English Civil War, and after his death acquired a dubious reputation as a vampire. When an American claiming descent from Richard Cabell comes to a Dartmoor community with his English wife in search of his roots, he encounters more than he bargained for.

The Howling toured Dartmoor villages from 10th to 18th of March 2017.

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Audience feedback:
‘A wonderful exploration of Dartmoor’s rich history, traditions and susperstitions, brought beautifully to life by a strong cast.’
‘Really enjoyed this production – evocative script and music – very interesting interweaving of history and modern times – and funny!’
‘An excellent project, involving research, creative interpretation and involvement of a range of the community all working together.’
‘An excellent well plotted play. Great humour. Lovely singing and playing. Best [MED Theatre play] ever!’
‘I was enchanted by the stage set, elegantly simple.’
‘I absolutely loved it! I had not been to a local community theatre event for years and I’m resolved to see more from now on. I felt fully involved all the way through.’
‘So important that a performance can include so many from the community either on stage or contributing off stage. Brings community together.’
‘Fantastic! I love the mix of history, local issues and humour!’

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