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CDs Available on Request:

Adder, Brown Hare, Limen, All Change, High Plateau (All £7.00+£1.50 p&p)

 DVDs Available on Request:

Young People’s Performances and films  (£7.00+£1.50 p&p)
Banned, Children’s Castle, Grave Intimations, Lost Roots, Roots Network, Shakespeare on Dartmoor, Road to Nowhere, All That Was Left Behind, Burrator’s War, Wolf’s End, Wolf Whispers, The Last Wolf, Stapledon

Community and other Plays (£7.00+£1.50 p&p)
The Bees, In the Shadow of the Vikings, Catchment, No Access, Hinterland, Snow, Hot Air, Roots, Sisters, The Therapists, The Audience, The Ragged Walkers, The Calling, Melys, The Forest on the Hill, Whale Parts 1&2, Chasing Kitty Jay, Badgerland, Refuge, The Howling, Whitehorse Hill

Two Part Community Plays (£12+£1.50 p&p)
Cassiterides Parts 1&2, Loricum Parts 1&2

Dance Dramas
High Plateau, Brown Hare, Adder, The Walk, Williamson and the Otters

Book Available on Request:
In the Shadow of the Vikings (£6.00+£1.50 p&p)
Vikings postcard side 1