The Coast 2018

Seal Song

Video clip – Rusalka and the seal

The Coast – A Play about our Relationship with the Sea

‘Atlantis’ is a South West coastal village; a holiday destination with beaches covered in litter, cliff edges tall enough to hide many a secret, and locals affected by the low-wage economy of the holiday trade. When Dartmoor sisters Romney and Petra go on holiday to Atlantis, they are led into a world where nothing is quite as it seems, and end up staring at disaster from the edge of the cliffs. Can they and others, overcome the feud that is undermining village life?

MED Theatre’s latest community play The Coast explored the relationship of Dartmoor to the coast of the South West, and delved into the issue of plastic pollution of the oceans. Set in the fictional coastal village of Atlantis, the play made use of historicalaccounts of wreckers, as well as the folklore of Jack o’ Lantern and selchies, to explore modern conundrums in landscape conservation, development and planning.

To read the original script by Mark Beeson, follow this link: the Coast script

Thank you to all of our audiences, volunteer helpers and cast members for The Coast

Audience Feedback: 

‘A very absorbing story with multiple themes all revelant to local and current affairs as well as links to local legend & history. Fantastic showcase of young talent in drama and music. Great to see all age groups in the cast.’
‘Very topical and relevant at this time. Great integration of ages participating and local history and present day concerns.’
‘Brilliant seal & chuff puppets. Was of local interest using local people. Good mix of ages.’
‘Really lovely puppets! The music composition was an interesting new change – very beautiful singing and good ambient sounds. It was brilliant, thanks!’
‘I think all aspects were well thought through, especially the music. The puppets were beautiful and mesmerising!’
“It was good to see the age range and that it was tackling a subject (plastic pollution) so much in the limelight and so important. Lovely performance.’
‘MED Theatre effortlessly tells a thoughtprovoking story, with such simple means. Talented acting and a great way of getting the community together.’

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