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Club Films

Moor Film club is an after school club at Princetown Primary School run by MED Theatre. We offer opportunities to learn a range of creative skills including camera operating and script writing, acting and directing and more! We provide training in the use of top of the range technical equipment, as well as artistic mentoring to improve creative writing, acting and directing technique.

Moor Film Club is free for any young person aged 7-13 years living in the Princetown, Postbridge and Lydford area to attend.

Dragon's valley (2018)

Moor Film Club Second Film Launch

On July 19th 2017 MED Theatre staff and work-experience students mentored the launch of ‘The Spymaster‘ at Princetown school – the second feature film from Moor Film Club.

A link to ‘The Spymaster’ and ‘Moor Film Club Documentary’ on MED Theatre’s Youtube channel:

Princetown Film Club

MED is now running a fortnightly film club at Princetown Primary School, working with children from the Forest of Dartmoor/Central Dartmoor area. Newcomers are always welcome! The project will be running for two years, supported by a grant from the People’s Health Trust. Participants aged 7-13 years are scripting, filming and editing an exciting new film. The film tells the story of an alien from another planet who lands in Princetown in Victorian times searching for a rare mineral to save their kind from a deadly disease.

The Alien's Amulet

See our short film called The Alien’s Amulet here…