MED Theatre’s 2023 community play was written collaboratively by a group of 10 Dartmoor writers as part of our ‘Stark Reality of Rural Living’ project, funded by Historic England. The play explored themes of life and work on Dartmoor in the 19th Century and today, and interrogated the relationships built and broken under the strain of life in a rural landscape.

What's it about?

A coffin is being carried by procession across the moor, but who is the man inside and how did he end up there?

Join the children of Victorian Dartmoor as they tell the stories of their neighbours, from one young man trying to change the habits of his peers, to the sisters who leave a trail of mischief in their wake and the kind old man with a sad tale of his own to tell.

In this production MED Theatre combines stories from John Trevena’s 1909 novel of the same title with true stories of moorland people, delving into the conflicts between religion, working men and the need for respite, while also exploring the many reasons to celebrate life on the moor.

Please be advised that this production does feature sensitive topics including addiction, domestic violence and mental ill health. Every attempt has been made to deal with these issues delicately while creating a play suitable for the whole family to experience and enjoy. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of the play please contact MED Theatre in advance.