At a time when theatres are dark, the streets are empty and our connection to others is limited, MED Theatre would like to invite you to take part in Inspired By…

Inspired By… is a new online arts platform created especially for our current climate that seeks to keep creativity alive and accessible to those feeling isolated.
MED Theatre will be releasing a range of Dartmoor and Devon themed stories, images, music and film to kick-start your own creativity and be Inspired By…

Have a watch of our promotional video for Inspired By… or scroll down to look at the various projects you can take inspiration from!

The MED Team

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We are delighted to share with you some scenes from one of our young peoples plays written by Gwen and Kitty. This short play originally was performed as part of Dartmoor Rivers. An evening of new writing and composition by young people, inspired by the rivers of Dartmoor. The performances explored life on Dartmoor combining the imaginary with themes of loneliness, friendship, betrayal and suspicion.

Watch and be Inspired By…Balaena porrum

The creative tasks are at the end of the video and will be posted on our Instagram and Twitter pages as well.

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Watch and be Inspired By… The Myth of the Selchie

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We’re really excited about this week’s Inspired By… It’s definitely one to get you and your kids away from screens and engaging their imaginations!

This footage was taken from a dance workshop in February of this year and is part of our Arts Council England funded project Moor Voices. With original music composed by Gillian Webster and Trefor Farrow.

It is said that at night seals shed their skin and turn into women dancing in the light of the moon on the shore.

The creative tasks are at the end of the video and will be posted on our Instagram and Twitter as well.

The Living Rock

For this bank holiday weekend’s Inspired By…
We have taken snippets from an outdoor performance of The Living Rock at The Edge Sculpture Trail in June 2015. Performed by three of our participants; Laura, Poppy and Mae. With music from Jonny Hibbs and Gillian Webster.

Watch and be Inspired By… The Living Rock
The creative tasks are at the end of the video and will also be posted on our Instagram and Twitter.
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We’re taking you back to the Bronze Age with this Inspired By…! Imagine Dartmoor and Devon nearly 4000 years ago.

From 2015-2019 MED Theatre have produced an outdoor promenade performance in Bellever Forest as part of the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme. The story told is inspired by the archeological finds at the Whitehorse Hill cist near Postbridge.

The creative tasks for this week are at the end of the video and will post posted on our Instagram and Twitter as well.


For this Inspired By… we travel back into the 13th century to meet Walter Branscombe, the Bishop of Exeter from 1258 to 1280. Read by our Artistic Director Mark Beeson and with original music from Gillian Webster.

Listen and be Inspired By… The Temptation of Bishop Branscombe.

The creative tasks for this week are at the end of the video and will be posted on our Instagram and Twitter.

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There are creative tasks at the end of the video for early years up to 18 years old.
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Here are some clips from a MED Young Company film made in 2013 based on Henry Williamson’s novel ‘Tarka the Otter.’
When Henry Williamson returned to England after the First World War. He took refuge in Devon’s landscape and soon became captivated by the elusive life of the wild otter. He spent a large part of his time crawling head first through the fields and rivers of Dartmoor and North Devon, eager to gain an ‘otter’s-eye-view’ of the world.
Watch and be Inspired By… Williamson and the Otters


VE Day In Devon

Today we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day!
As part of our Inspired By platform we wanted to celebrate this day in true MED style!


This week our staff and online drama groups picked up their pens and wrote poetic phrases using VE Day as their stimulus. From our homes we have put these together into one celebratory video. We are thrilled to have had some original illustrations done specially for this project by Kate Snell.

This video forms part of the work we are doing for our National Lottery Heritage Funded Dartmoor, Devon and World War II project.

Watch and enjoy this selection of original poetry form MED Theatre’s staff and young participants.
Happy VE Day and Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

the story of hound tor

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Here we have an animation made by Chagford Primary School, with the help of Tanya Morel and Clare Saunders and music composed by Abigail Kingsley-Parker.

Watch and be Inspired By… The Story of Hound Tor

The creative tasks for this week are at the end of the video – we can’t wait to see what you create!

I ONCE HELD HER - dance video

We are very excited to share with you all a very special dance video, choreographed by Education Officer Helen Gilbert.

We would love you to learn the dance and then send in your own version*. The aim is to create a wonderful mash up of lots of different people doing the same dance. We may not be able to boogie all together – but there’s nothing stopping us boogieing online and in our living rooms!

So, get ready to move and groove and be Inspired By… I Once Held Her

Music by Josh Levontine and Gillian Webster
with lyrics by Mark Beeson.

Have fun moving and grooving!

The second half of the video is Helen teaching you the dance.

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The creative tasks are at the end of the video and include tasks for early years, through to young adults.

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This week we want you to creatively engage with your daily walks…

Here’s a snippet from MED Theatre’s 2015 shadow play, performed by Sarah Vigars and Grace Swordy with music by Gillian Webster.

This shadow play was adapted from a narrative poem by Artistic Director Mark Beeson.

Watch and be Inspired By… The Walk


As it was the first week back to home learning for many young people this week, we wanted to create some fun tasks for you to carry out over the weekend – or for you to do during your lessons next week.

Today’s Inspired By… looks at the similarities between lives for communities during WWII and now, during the UK lockdown.

Take a listen to this snippet from the latest episode of our Wild Night’s Young Company’s podcast for some initial inspiration. The tasks are at the end of the video.

We wish you a happy and creative weekend

The MED Team

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For the full podcast episode click here.

Journey to John Ford

Feeling inspired?

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We have a beautiful animation created by Sarah Vincent with original music from Gillian Webster.

This animation was created for MED Theatre’s Dartmoor Resource Project. Taking inspiration from Dartmoor’s very own Jacobean and Caroline playwright – John Ford (who is said to have been friends with Shakespeare).

As you watch this imagine what it might have been like to live on Dartmoor during the Jacobean period? What would the landscape have looked like? What would the people have been like? Imagine, you’re walking late at night across the moor – what do you see, who do you meet? Let your imaginations run wild.


We have another radio play from our Rising Lights drama group (5-7 year olds). They recorded this in their regular Tuesday sessions before UK lockdown but drew the pictures whilst in isolation at home as part of our online drama groups.

Listen and be Inspired By… The Legend of Jan Coo

What do you think happened to Jan Coo? We invite you to write the next part of his story – where did he go? Who did he meet? Is he still roaming Dartmoor?


However you want to respond to this story we want to hear from you.

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Perhaps you could write a story in response to the music? Or think about the qualities that water has and create a dance or poem in response to these? However you want to respond to this, we want to hear from you!

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We wanted to share something to lift people’s spirits if they’re feeling the effects of this period of isolation, particularly over this weekend where the separation of families and friends might have been more felt.

This piece of music was composed by Jonny Hibbs with vocals from Clare Lash Williams and formed part of our Dartmoor Rivers project which was supported by the Michael Tippett Musical Foundation.

Listen and be Inspired By…
Sweet Dart

Whilst you listen we encourage you to close your eyes, listen to your breath and just be with the music.


For this Inspired By… post we are continuing with the theme of World War II, furthering research for our new Devon and Dartmoor in World War II project, which looks at the impact of the global crisis in rurally isolated areas.

This short film was made by our Wild Night’s Young Company in 2007, filmed on location at Castle Drogo. This was a Heritage Lottery funded project and was greatly helped by partnership with the National Trust.

The MED Theatre team are searching for stories or personal memories of life in rural Devon during the outbreak of the war. We would love for you to gather these and share them with us. Do you know someone with a story? Or perhaps you know of some local history you would like to share?

Happy Easter
The MED Team

Watch and be Inspired By… The Children’s Castle

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For the full play head to the Wolf Whispers page!

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Enjoy an extract from a radio play made by MED Theatre’s Young Company (13-19 year olds). This play was part of an 18 month project, supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2016. This extract is based on a true incident that happened in Buckfastleigh during World War II. 

Perhaps you could write your own vampire story in response? Or write a monologue from the perspective of one of the characters? However you want to respond – we want to hear from you!


For April’s first Inspired By..
A radio play created by MED Theatre’s Rising Lights Drama Group (5-7 years old) based on a Dartmoor Myth.

Listen and be Inspired By…The Hunted Hare

Perhaps you could create your own storyboard? Write a poem about the old lady’s encounter with the hare, or record a song or piece of music? Whatever you’re inspired to do, we want to hear from you!

Send in your creative responses to

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Up next for Inspired By…

A piece of original music created by two young MED Theatre musicians, Jonny Hibbs and Safi Joscelyne.

Listen and be Inspired By…music from The Coast

Perhaps you could choreograph a short dance and film yourself performing it? Or generate a piece of creative writing in response to how the music makes you feel? Maybe even create your own original music on an instrument you have at home, or find things lying around the house. However you want to respond to this piece of music – we want to hear from you!



For this Friday’s Inspired By… we have something a little different for you.

An animation designed and created by Anna Lilley, with music by Abigail Kingsley-Parker for MED Theatre’s Dartmoor Resource Project.

Maybe you could write and perform a poem, or a monologue, draw a flower garden or even create your own short film?

Get creative!

Listen and be Inspired by…

The Bed of Tulips

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However you are inspired, we want to hear from you!

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The legend of The Hunter Bowerman.

Listen to this exciting and magical Dartmoor myth. We would love to see your responses to this new INSPIRED BY… With audio and illustration from our very own Education Officer, Helen.

Perhaps you could send in your own drawings of Bowerman’s Nose? Or send in a video of you telling the story in your own way? Maybe even create your own witches song?



Our first Inspired By…comes from our very own Abby Shephard. An audio recording of a Dartmoor myth.

Listen and be Inspired By…

The Cavalier of Blackadon Tor

We’d love to gather your responses to this audio recording whether thats a dance, a poem, a drawing or a piece of music – anything that this inspires you to create.


Send in your creations to

We can’t wait to receive your submissions!

INSPIRED BY… is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund and by Dartmoor National Park