At a time when theatres are dark, the streets are empty and our connection to others is limited, MED Theatre would like to invite you to take part in Inspired By…

Inspired By… is a new online arts platform created especially for our current climate that seeks to keep creativity alive and accessible to those feeling isolated.
MED Theatre will be releasing a range of Dartmoor and Devon themed stories, images, music and film to kickstart your own creativity and be Inspired By…

Have a watch of our promotional video for Inspired By… or scroll down to look at the various projects you can take inspiration from!

The MED Team

We invite you send in your responses via email to which we will then share across our platforms and begin to cultivate an online creative community.


Our first Inspired By…comes from our very own Abby Shephard. An audio recording of a Dartmoor myth.

Listen and be Inspired By…

The Cavalier of Blackadon Tor

We’d love to gather your responses to this audio recording whether thats a dance, a poem, a drawing or a piece of music – anything that this inspires you to create.


Send in your creations to

We can’t wait to receive your submissions!

However you are inspired, we want to hear from you!

Send in your creations to


The legend of The Hunter Bowerman.

Listen to this exciting and magical Dartmoor myth. We would love to see your responses to this new INSPIRED BY… With audio and illustration from our very own Education Officer, Helen.

Perhaps you could send in your own drawings of Bowerman’s Nose? Or send in a video of you telling the story in your own way? Maybe even create your own witches song?



For this Friday’s Inspired By… we have something a little different for you.

An animation designed and created by Anna Lilley, with music by Abigail Kingsley-Parker for MED Theatre’s Dartmoor Resource Project.

Maybe you could write and perform a poem, or a monologue, draw a flower garden or even create your own short film?

Get creative!

The MED Team

Listen and be Inspired by…

The Bed of Tulips

Send in your creative responses to

Send in your creative responses to


Up next for Inspired By…

A piece of original music created by two young MED Theatre musicians, Jonny Hibbs and Safi Joscelyne.

Listen and be Inspired By…music from The Coast

Perhaps you could choreograph a short dance and film yourself performing it? Or generate a piece of creative writing in response to how the music makes you feel? Maybe even create your own original music on an instrument you have at home, or find things lying around the house. However you want to respond to this piece of music – we want to hear from you!



For April’s first Inspired By..
A radio play created by MED Theatre’s Rising Lights Drama Group (5-7 years old) based on a Dartmoor Myth.

Listen and be Inspired By…The Hunted Hare

Perhaps you could create your own storyboard? Write a poem about the old lady’s encounter with the hare, or record a song or piece of music? Whatever you’re inspired to do, we want to hear from you!

Send in your creative responses to

We look forward to hearing from you!

INSPIRED BY… is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund and by Dartmoor National Park