Moorland Haunts (2012)

two short films by dartmoor young people

Moorland Haunts was a two pronged-project to produce two three-minute films, mentored by MED Theatre and funded by the National Lottery through the BFI’s First Light Initiative. For both films the children came up with the scenarios, wrote the script and the music, operated the cameras, directed and acted.


‘Obsession’, made by pupils at Princetown Primary School, tells the story of a young girl who becomes haunted by the Kitty Jay myth, believing her to have been a vampire buried with a stake through on her heart.

Future Past
‘Future Past’, made by MED Theatre’s Bright Nights group,  follows a group of children back in time to the early years of the Second World War, where they try to help an ancestor of one of their number with unforeseen consequences.


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future past gallery

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