mothers who make - dartmoor Pilots


Mothers who Make is a grassroots, international network, dedicated to supporting mothers that hold the dual roles of mother and maker. There are peer support meetings across the UK and in France and Australia.

MED Theatre was delighted to be part of the launch of MWM Dartmoor.

The pilot hub meetings took place once a month welcoming:

Every kind of mother who considers herself a maker  – professional and / or passionate – in any discipline and at any stage on their creative paths – writers, painters, performers, film makers, dancers, producers, musicians, crafters…

This new hub was part of a pilot project developing support and network for mother makers in Devon. Our dream is that this hub will develop with you and provide a supportive, creative space in a number of ways; to connect, share, network and be valued and visible as a mother and maker.

Join the Devon conversation and be part of this growing network in Devon on Facebook:


MWM Dartmoor hub dates were:

7 February, 6 March, (online due to COVID-19) 3 April, 1 May, 5 June.

For further information contact Abby at MED Theatre

Further information about the Mothers Who Make Devon pilot project can be found here found here:

The sessions were interrupted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic but were continued online. After the pilot sessions had been completed, MED Theatre decided to continue our MWM Hub, offering a creative space for mother makers!