A promenade performance of dartmoor's history

The Whitehorse Hill Community play tells a story inspired by the archeological finds at the Whitehorse Hill cist near Postbridge. Who could the girl in the prehistoric grave have been? Why was she so important? As part of  the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme, MED Theatre is reviving a play that explores how our ideas of heritage, knowledge and female strength have been passed down and evolved through time. The performance consists of scenes from seven different periods of history, all inspired by key events in central Dartmoor’s past. Led by lantern bearers with lanterns made by Princetown Primary school, the audience is taken on a journey through history in the magical Bellever Forest. Phase 1 of the Whitehorse Hill project took place in  September 2015, phase 2 in September 2017 and we will be drawing the project to a close with one final performance in September 2019. To book tickets and for further information please email info@medtheatre.co.uk.

Rehearsal photos for the 2019 performance

What's it about?

In 2011, a tomb discovered on Whitehorse Hill was excavated. Hidden and protected by the peat for so long, the various delicate treasure found told of ancient skills and craftmanship, giving us a storring insight into a Dartmoor Bronze Age culture and its burial rites. Curiousity was sparked in the hearts of many as we wondered: who was the young woman in the cist? Why was she so important, and how did she die? Inspired by the find and fuelled by the magic of delving into the past, MED Theatre created this community play, charting Dartmoor’s history from the Bronze Age to present day over seven different periods.

For more information regarding the historic and mythical stories behind Whitehorse Hill please visit the Dartmoor Resources page here.

Performance dates

The dates of the performances are 21st and 22nd September 2019.

  • Tickets to this event are free of charge but booking is essential
  • All performances start at 6pm.
  • This is an outdoor promenade performance and suitable clothing and footwear is advised as well as a torch as the performance ends after dusk. 
  • Tickets will go on sale in August.

For more information please contact Helen Gilbert: helengilbert@medtheatre.co.uk or call 01647 441356

Whitehorse Hill performance highlights and photos 2015 and 2017