Current education projects

As part of our Arts Council funded project, Moor Voices, MED Theatre have been visiting schools on Exmoor and Dartmoor and delivering workshops that explore our themes of Bronze Age civilisation and the possibilities of a matriarchal society. The students that have taken part so far from Minehead Middle School, Dulverton Junior School, Ivybridge Community College, Lynton C of E Primary, Parracombe C of E Primary and East Anstey Primary School have all been fantastic to work with and have really embraced the exploration into their local history using drama. 

We look forward to the workshops yet to come! 

MED Theatre were recently overjoyed to hear that three local primary schools, Chagford, North Tawton and South Tawton, had all spent their summer term exploring the Three Hares symbol. Not only is this symbol a key element of our own logo, but it is also a topic close to our hearts, as we at MED Theatre are very fond of hares. 

And so in October and November 2019 we visited all three schools to deliver for them our ‘Magic of The Hare’ workshop, a fun and active hour long session exploring hares as a magical and fascinating animal, pull some moves and hear some hare-related Dartmoor myths. Thank you to everyone we worked with! 

FUN FACT: Did you know the average adult hare can jump up to 3 metres high and run up to 44mph?! 

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Over the past six years MED Theatre have had the pleasure of working with Princetown Primary on the creation of lanterns and performance of songs for our play, ‘Whitehorse Hill’, that was performed in Bellever Forest near Postbridge. In 2019 we were also able to take these workshops to Widecombe-In-The-Moor Primary, who learnt the songs from the play and heard all of the stories that inspired the script. 

The young people who took part in the workshops loved hearing about King Arthur’s links with Dartmoor, the story of Chaw Gully and many other local myths and legends, as well as learning the original songs written by MED Theatre’s composer Gillian Webster. 

For more information about the ‘Whitehorse Hill’ project as a whole, click here.

September 2019 Education Newsletter

As part of the Arts Council England funded project, Moor Voices, MED Theatre are offering schools across Dartmoor and Exmoor the free opportunity to take part in creative workshops. Utilising up-to-date research into local Bronze Age history and links with Greek mythology,  MED will explore with pupils life in the Bronze Age and the role of women in the communities of our past. Teachers, open our newsletter to read more about how to access our opportunities…

In February and March 2018, MED Theatre worked with gifted and talented students from four schools in the Hatherleigh area (Hatherleigh, Northlew, Lewtrenchard and Winkleigh) to create and perform poems about Devon animals through the seasons. You can listen here


Students are invited to sample MED Theatre’s rural community tour of our newly written play ‘The Howling’. MED Theatre has been touring community plays for over
three decades, and is a unique example of community theatre from Devon; this play is no exception.