Current Education Projects

In February and March 2018, MED Theatre worked with gifted and talented students from four schools in the Hatherleigh area (Hatherleigh, Northlew, Lewtrenchard and Winkleigh) to create and perform poems about Devon animals through the seasons.


Devon Animals Through the Seasons

EDU newsletter Feb 2017 front page

February 2017 MED Theatre Education Newsletter


Moor Film Club Second Film Launch

On July 19th 2017 MED Theatre staff and work-experience students mentored the launch of ‘The Spymaster‘ at Princetown school – the second feature film from Moor Film Club.

A link to ‘The Spymaster’ and ‘Moor Film Club Documentary’ on MED Theatre’s Youtube channel:

The Spymaster

Moor Film Documentary


The White Bird of the Oxenhams – a collaborative radio play production with three primary schools

During spring term 2017 MED Theatre has run a radio play course for students from Hatherleigh, North Tawton and South Tawton Schools. Over the course of these session the students have written, acted and recorded a play for radio, based of the local story of The White Bird of the Oxenhams.

Please follow the link below to listen to the finished radio play:

The White Bird of the Oxenhams audio file

The White Bird of the Oxenhams project pictures:


Hound of the Baskervilles and the Last Wolf on Dartmoor

Last wolf publicity image Draft2 copyMED Theatre is taking workshops based on this project into four Devon secondary schools in school year 2016-2017, focusing on literature, heritage, and issues around the re-wilding debate. Contact if you are interested in taking part in the project.


Princetown Film Club

MED is now running a fortnightly film club at Princetown Primary School, working with children from the Forest of Dartmoor/Central Dartmoor area. Newcomers are always welcome! The project will be running for two years, supported by a grant from the People’s Health Trust. Participants aged 7-13 years are scripting, filming and editing an exciting new film. The film tells the story of an alien from another planet who lands in Princetown in Victorian times searching for a rare mineral to save their kind from a deadly disease.

Take a look at our recent filming sessions in Princetown:


Watch Moor Film Club 2016 production The Alien’s Amulet