Safeguarding the future of our rivers

The River Teign Restoration Project is funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and is a partnership project intended at raising the profile of The River Teign among the local community and to ask questions about why the numbers of Salmon and other fish have declined in the river over the past years, including an interrogation of the human impact on the river’s ecosystem.

MED Theatre was one of the project’s lead partners and was responsible for working with local schools and youth centres to introduce young people to the themes of the project. We also created a community play inspired by the themes of the project and ran a poetry workshop, inviting you to submit your own creative response to the river.

What's it about?

For many years now, the number of Salmon, Brown Trout and other fish in the River Teign has been on the decline. The River Teign Restoration Project aims to explore why this might be, particularly in mind of the Salmon, the numbers of which are a good indicator of the health of a river.

From ‘Salmon’s Leap’ in the north of Dartmoor, to where the river meets the sea in Teignmouth, we hope to help people understand their local river better, while also finding the joy already felt by so many through interacting with the natural habitat and the many living things that call it home.

MED THeatre's project activities

The community play SALMON was performed outdoors in two locations, one up river and one down river, in September 2021.

Ten schools and youth settings received FREE DRAMA and EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS.

A POETRY COMPETITION was held for young and experienced writers alike to let their creativity be inspired by the River Teign.