a dream journey across dartmoor

The Walk was a performance project based around a narrative poem by Mark Beeson, MED Theatre’s Artistic Director. Described by poet Ted Hughes as ‘powerful’, ‘unlike anything else, in good ways’ and ‘full of unique and marvellous things’, the poem describes a dream journey across Dartmoor, culminating in a vision of a more sustainable future. Through The Walk, MED Theatre aimed to encourage its participants to engage both in the performing arts and with the natural environment. As well as hosting a number of participatory workshops, MED Theatre produced two new performance pieces as part of the Walk; a shadow puppet play devised and performed by MED Theatre’s core artistic team, and a dance drama toured in outdoor and indoor versions by Dartmoor’s young emerging artists. The project also involved work with a number of schools, secondary and primary, rural and urban. Some writing by school pupils was included as part of the projections used in the indoor version of the dance drama.

Complicite workshops

music workshop with wren music


the walk residential

physical theatre workshop