a two part play

Whale (2000) written and directed by Mark Beeson, was a play in two parts: Part 1, set in 1000 BC and part 2, set 3000 years later, bringing the plot into the year 2000.


part one

In European Bronze Age society, there is a group of powerful women, the Hesperides, who rule over all the islands of the West. Their mother is Ceto the whale-goddess. 

The performance featured a statue of a whale made from willow by Linda Lemieux

part two

3000 years after the two men from the south, Heracles and Brute, came across the great Hesperides women on Dartmoor, a film crew arrive to turn the story into a film. The question is whose toes will the director be treading on? On whom has the mantle of the Hesperides fallen? The presence of history is constant.