EARTH WIND FIRE – Outdoor dance-drama launches MED Theatre back into live performance


Earth Wind Fire is a dance-drama created by local young artists choreographer Willa Faulkner and composer Johnny Hibbs with support from the MED Theatre team. 

Earth Wind Fire portrays the Slow Carbon Cycle, a process over thousands of years, in contrast to the fast-paced human experience. 

‘Chemistry regulates this dance between ocean, land, and atmosphere. If carbon dioxide rises in the atmosphere because of an increase in volcanic activity, for example, temperatures rise, leading to more rain, which dissolves more rock, creating more ions that will eventually deposit more carbon on the ocean floor. It takes a few hundred thousand years to rebalance the slow carbon cycle through chemical weathering.’


Human actions are altering the balance. Our story looks at the concept of justice as central to tackling imbalance: justice for humans and for non-humans as part of a post-humanist approach to the Planet. Listening to small things and accurate observation are an important part of this.

Sunday 27thJune, 2pm and 5pm, Bridford Woodland Park 

The performance will last approximately 30 minutes.

Tickets £8 adults / £5 young people under 16

To purchase tickets go to