Community Play


Salmon (2021)

SALMON A bright burst of pure hope MED Theatre’s latest community play commission, ‘Salmon’, is part of the River Teign Restoration Project which aims to…


The Magistrate (2021)

THE MAGISTRATE (2021) A WORLD AT WAR AND A FRACTURED COMMUNITY COMING SOON! The final output of MED Theatre’s ‘Dartmoor, Devon and World War Two’ project,…


Daughters of Sunset (2020)

DAUGHTERS OF SUNSET (2020) DARTMOOR AND EXMOOR, RULED BY QUEENS ‘Dart, Eske, sisters. Two great beech trees. Sheltering their flocks.’ Set in 1100BC: two queens…


Rocks (2019)

Rocks (2019) A futuristic comedy set among Dartmoor’s tors MED Theatre’s community play ‘Rocks’ put Dartmoor’s unique tors centre stage. MED Theatre toured ‘Rocks’ in…


Stapledon (2018)

STAPLEDON (2018) An ashburton community play ‘Stapledon’ was commissioned from MED Theatre by the Guild of St Lawrence in Ashburton. Written by MED Theatre’s Artistic…


The Coast (2018)

the coast (2018) a coastal tale told on the moors MED Theatre’s community play The Coast explored the relationship of Dartmoor to the coast of…


The Howling (2017)

THE HOWLING (2017) A MODERN ‘HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES’ The Howling was devised and written by Mark Beeson in collaboration with Wild Nights Young Company…


Refuge (2016)

Refuge (2016) The ENGLISH CIVIL WAR ON DARTMOOR It doesn’t take an expert historian to know that the English Civil War was a conflict that…


Badgerland (2015)

BADGERLAND (2015) A DARTMOOR COMEDY MED Theatre’s 2015 community play, Badgerland, took a comic look at Dartmoor’s contemporary climate, both ecological and political. As well…


Whitehorse Hill (2015-19)

As part of the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme, MED Theatre is reviving a play that explores how our ideas of heritage, knowledge and female strength have been passed down and evolved through time.


Chasing Kitty Jay (2014)

CHASING KITTY JAY (2014) THE CREATION OF A WARTIME MYTH The modern myth of Kitty Jay is perhaps one of the best-known stories from Dartmoor’s…


Catchment (2012)

CATCHMENT (2012) OTTERS AND FLOODS A significant number of properties are at risk from flooding along catchments that include Dartmoor. For example across the South…


No Access (2011)

no access (2011) A Comedy About Land Use on Dartmoor A contemporary comedy about conflict over land-use on Dartmoor, ‘No Access’ was a story about…


Hinterland (2010)

hinterland (2010) The true story of thomas tyrwhitt One man had a dream of creating a utopia in the centre of Dartmoor, a new colony that…


Snow (2009)

SNOW (2009) THREE MONTHS OF SNOW ON DARTMOOR MED Theatre’s 2009 community play ‘Snow’ took a retrospective look at the famous winter of 1962-1963, when…


Hot Air (2008)

HOT AIR (2008) An environmental comedy on dartmoor MED Theatre’s 2008 community play Hot Air was an environmental comedy, set during an outdoor party on…


Cassiterides (2007)

CASSITERIDES the romans on dartmoor Cassiterides (2007) told the story of the end of Roman rule in Devon, following the lives of Roman noble Gaius…


Loricum (2006)

loricum (2006) A divided community with hidden secrets A dramatic debate formed the basis for MED Theatre’s 2006 community play Loricum, which explored what it…


The Ragged Walkers (2005)

The ragged walkers A MEDIEVAL HISTORY PLAY BY JOHN YOUNG The Ragged Walkers (2005) was a community play for North Dartmoor written and directed by John…


Melys (2004)

Melys FIRST OF MED THEATRE’S NEW STYLE PLAYS Melys (2004), written by Mark Beeson, made used of the Dartmoor story of the Tinner of the Redbrook,…


Monkey Rock 2 (2001)

Monkey Rock 2 Adventure in everforest Monkey Rock 2 (2001), written and directed by Mark Beeson, was part of a double bill of plays in MED…


Whale (2000)

whale a two part play Whale (2000) written and directed by Mark Beeson, was a play in two parts: Part 1, set in 1000 BC and…