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The Paint Man (1991)

The Paint Man Elford’s Cave The Paint Man (1991) was written and directed by Mark Beeson. The play was set in 1655 and followed the life…


Forest Fantasy (1990)

forest fantasy MUSIC WRITTEN FOR CHILDREN TO PERFORM Forest Fantasy (1990) was a musical piece performed by local children and held in Manaton Parish Hall. It…


The Salmon (1990)

THE SALMON ECOLOGY AND GLOBAL CONCERNS The Salmon (1990) was written and directed by Mark Beeson. The play was a satire about a tour guide who…


The Green Woman (1988)

The GREEN WOMAN Regeneration on the moor The Green Woman (1988) was written and directed by Mark Beeson, inspired by ‘The Green Man’ motif . This…


The Swallows (1987)

THE SWALLOWS housing in a national park The Swallows (1987), written and directed by Mark Beeson, looked at issues around housing in a National Park. The…


The Hedge (1984)

the hedge COMMUNITY SPIRIT IN PEACE and conflict The Hedge (1984) was written by Mark Beeson. It was an allegory about village politics in which a…


Crowhurst (1983)

CROWHURST The last voyage of donald Crowhurst Crowhurst (1983) was a verse play/dance drama based on the last voyage of Donald Crowhurst, who sailed from Teignmouth….


The Badgers (1980)

The Badgers The beginning of MED Theatre The Badgers (1980) was the very first play and the start of MED Theatre. The play was written…