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All Change (2002)

ALL CHANGE A community radio play All Change (2002) was a radio play written by Claire Smith with music by Jess Avis. The play came out…


Dartmoor Rising (2002-2004)

Dartmoor Rising (2002-2004) Dartmoor’s Myths and Legends Our ‘Dartmoor Rising’ programme of work used local myths and legends as inspiration and covered a wide range…


The 82 (2001)

The 82 a mystery thriller The 82 (2000-2001) was devised, directed and written by six young people from the Dartmoor area. It features a bus…


Monkey Rock 2 (2001)

Monkey Rock 2 Adventure in everforest Monkey Rock 2 (2001), written and directed by Mark Beeson, was part of a double bill of plays in MED…


The Evil Rider (2000)

The Evil Rider A community radio play The Evil Rider (2000) was a radio play commissioned by Moretonhampstead Development Trust and written by Mark Beeson, with music by…


Whale (2000)

whale a two part play Whale (2000) written and directed by Mark Beeson, was a play in two parts: Part 1, set in 1000 BC and…


Performing Dartmoor (1998-2001)

Performing dartmoor Exploring the National Park through performance Our ‘Performing Dartmoor’ (1998-2001) project, funded principally by a grant from European Leader II, covered a wide…


Rural and Urban (1997)

Rural and urban UNITING URBAN AND RURAL STORIES MED Theatre’s Rural and Urban project (1997) was an exploration into the relationship between urban and rural…


The Unknown (1996)

THE UNKNOWN SCIENCE FICTION ABOUT PEOPLE FROM DARTMOOR The Unknown (1996), written and directed by Mark Beeson, included a musical score by his son Luke Beeson….


Monkey Rock (1995)

Monkey Rock FROM DARTMOOR TO AFRICA Monkey Rock (1995) began life as The Primates, a play originally written by Mark Beeson in 1983 with the stage…


The Wilderness (1993)

THE WILDERNESS THE CONSEQUENCES OF GLOBAL WARMING The Wilderness (1993), written and directed by Mark Beeson, placed Dartmoor in an imaginary future where it existed…


The Bees (1992)

THE BEES ‘A piece of great craftmanship’ Of The Bees (1992), the Arts Council assessor wrote: ‘For a piece so apparently complex and written in…


The Paint Man (1991)

The Paint Man Elford’s Hole The Paint Man (1991) was written and directed by Mark Beeson. The play was set in 1655 and followed the life…


Forest Fantasy (1990)

forest fantasy MUSIC WRITTEN FOR CHILDREN TO PERFORM Forest Fantasy (1990) was a musical piece performed by local children and held in Manaton Parish Hall. It…


The Salmon (1990)

THE SALMON ECOLOGY AND GLOBAL CONCERNS The Salmon (1990) was written and directed by Mark Beeson. The play was a satire about a tour guide who…


The Green Woman (1988)

The GREEN WOMAN Regeneration on the moor The Green Woman (1988) was written and directed by Mark Beeson, inspired by ‘The Green Man’ motif . This…


The Swallows (1987)

THE SWALLOWS housing in a national park The Swallows (1987), written and directed by Mark Beeson, looked at issues around housing in a National Park. The…