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Snow (2009)

SNOW (2009) THREE MONTHS OF SNOW ON DARTMOOR MED Theatre’s 2009 community play ‘Snow’ took a retrospective look at the famous winter of 1962-1963, when…


Dartfest 2008

dartfest 2008 A FESTIVAL OF YOUNG PEOPLE’S PLAYWRITING ‘Dartfest 2008’ was an evening festival of plays written by young people in the Dartmoor area. The…


Roots Network (2008)

Roots Network Wild Nights Young Company’s Early Days Roots Network (2008) is a documentary film about the early days of Wild Nights Young Company (MED Theatre’s…


Hot Air (2008)

HOT AIR (2008) An environmental comedy on dartmoor MED Theatre’s 2008 community play Hot Air was an environmental comedy, set during an outdoor party on…


Dartfest 2007

dartfest A festival of young people’s plays Dartfest 2007 was a compilation of a series of plays written by young people. These shows were: Ghost Girl by…


Lost Roots (2007)

LOST ROOTS (2007) a film inspired by ‘Roots’ Young People’s Play Lost Roots (2007) was a young people’s film  made jointly with Coombeshead College. It…


Cassiterides (2007)

CASSITERIDES the romans on dartmoor Cassiterides (2007) told the story of the end of Roman rule in Devon, following the lives of Roman noble Gaius…


Roots (2005)

Roots WILd Nights Young Company’s first production Roots (2005) was created by MED Theatre’s original Wild Nights Young Company, as part of the founding Wild Nights Young Company…


The Ragged Walkers (2005)

The ragged walkers A MEDIEVAL HISTORY PLAY BY JOHN YOUNG The Ragged Walkers (2005) was a community play for North Dartmoor written and directed by John…


Melys (2004)

Melys FIRST OF MED THEATRE’S NEW STYLE PLAYS Melys (2004), written by Mark Beeson, made used of the Dartmoor story of the Tinner of the Redbrook,…


Grave Intimations (2004)

GRAVE INTIMATIONS A DANCE DOCUMENTARY Grave Intimations (2004) was  commissioned from MED Theatre by BBC2 as part of their Blast project for young people’s film-making….


The Calling (2004)

The Calling a play inspired by dartmoor myths The Calling (2004) was the second play in the ‘Myth’ project. It was written by Jess Avis and…


Sisters (2004)

Sisters A play as part of the dartmoor myth project Sisters (2004) was one of the plays that made up the overall project Myth, alongside another play,…


Limen (2003)

Limen Threshold music for dartmoor A concert of original music pieces was performed at three Dartmoor venues in early December 2003, as part of MED…


Story Plays (2003)

story plays plays born from storytelling Story (2003) was made up of five plays written by young people and a final play entitled Isolation by Mark Beeson….


Upbeat (2002)

upbeat a music composition project Upbeat (2002) was a performance concert composed by Gillian Webster as well as local young people who put together some original…


All Change (2002)

ALL CHANGE A community radio play All Change (2002) was a radio play written by Claire Smith with music by Jess Avis. The play came out…


Dartmoor Rising (2002-2004)

Dartmoor Rising (2002-2004) Dartmoor’s Myths and Legends Our ‘Dartmoor Rising’ programme of work used local myths and legends as inspiration and covered a wide range…


The 82 (2001)

The 82 a mystery thriller The 82 (2000-2001) was devised, directed and written by six young people from the Dartmoor area. It features a bus…