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Wolf Whispers (2016)

wolf whispers (2016) a radio play by med theatre’s young company Wolf Whispers was written, performed and recorded by MED Theatre’s young company members, aged…


Badgerland (2015)

BADGERLAND (2015) A DARTMOOR COMEDY MED Theatre’s 2015 community play, Badgerland, took a comic look at Dartmoor’s contemporary climate, both ecological and political. As well…


Whitehorse Hill (2015-19)

As part of the Moor than meets the eye Landscape Partnership scheme, MED Theatre is reviving a play that explores how our ideas of heritage, knowledge and female strength have been passed down and evolved through time.


Devon Scenes (2014)

devon scenes (2014) a collection of young people’s plays On December 5th 2014 MED Theatre’s Young Company showcased their latest plays in Moretonhampstead Parish Hall. ‘Devon…


Chasing Kitty Jay (2014)

CHASING KITTY JAY (2014) THE CREATION OF A WARTIME MYTH The modern myth of Kitty Jay is perhaps one of the best-known stories from Dartmoor’s…


Catchment (2012)

CATCHMENT (2012) OTTERS AND FLOODS A significant number of properties are at risk from flooding along catchments that include Dartmoor. For example across the South…


Forest Whispers (2012)

FOREST WHISPERS (2012) Music composition for young people Forest Whispers was a musical performance held to mark the culmination of workshops for young people held…


Dartfest 2012

dartfest 2012 a festival of young Dartmoor people’s plays At the end of November 2012 MED Theatre put on its biennial festival of young Dartmoor…


Adder (2012)

Adder (2012) a Dance-Theatre outdoor performance The adder is Britain’s only venomous snake, and as such has always been regarded with a degree of fear…


Moorland Haunts (2012)

Moorland Haunts (2012) two short films by dartmoor young people Moorland Haunts was a two pronged-project to produce two three-minute films, mentored by MED Theatre and…


The Rib (2011)

The Rib (2011) A dark comedy ‘The Rib’, performed to a sold out audience on Nov 19th 2011, was a brand new dark comedy written…


Hope (2011)

HOPE (2011) created for the edge sculpture trail festival Hope (AKA Orpheus Eurydice) was created for the Edge Exhibition at High Heathercombe on Dartmoor. The…